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Room Dividers Shutters Essex, London, Hertfordshire, and Kent

Room Dividers Essex, London, Hertfordshire, and Kent – As interior designers, we have a passion for creativity and innovation. Our expertise lies in recommending unique and imaginative uses for high-end hardwood shutters that can transform your home into a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. We serve Essex, London, Hertfordshire, and Kent areas, and our vision is to open up new possibilities for lifestyle, work and socialising in your home. When we started incorporating shutters into our home enhancement plans, we quickly realised that they offer much more than just a way to cover doors and windows.

Instantly transform your living space with hardwood room dividers today.

Doors To Divide Rooms

Achieve an elegant and spacious home by easily creating new rooms or dividing rooms like bedrooms, kitchens, lounges, and en-suites! The choice is yours, enquire today for a free qote.

Shutters As Room Dividers

Shutter room dividers are available in various styles and colours, featuring a mix of solid panel shutters and shutter slats to give you more control over the rooms in your home.

A New Concept Transforming Homes

Imagine being able to transform your living space by simply turning a few panels, changing an open plan space into a cosier and intimate smaller room.

Room Dividers Benefits

Plantation Shutters As Room Dividers

Plantation shutters have become a vital addition to UK homes serving not only as a window and door dressing but also as a room divider. City & Country has been transforming homes across London, Essex, Kent, and Hertfordshire, providing greater flexibility to adapt to changing needs. From creating work environments and playrooms for kids to designing perfect spaces for pets, the possibilities are endless with plantation shutters as room dividers.

Our Client Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it

Can't recommend Hus enough, quality service and very happy with my new shutters. Top notch people and excellent value. If you are looking for shutters for your home look no further.
Jamie Seechurn
Done in 1 day and now it's made my house look the part, shutters are part of the house, blinds are just an accessory.

Francisco Velasco
Excellent service! Very happy with how the shutters look and they make the overall look of the house beautiful. Great value for money compared to other shutter companies. Highly recommend.
Daniel Shaker

Rooms To Inspire

Looking to brighten up your home and add character and elegance without compromising privacy? Cafe style shutters are the perfect solution! These shutters are available in various colours and made of high-quality hardwood that can transform every room of your home, both inside and out. So, if you want to keep your home feeling bright and airy while ensuring privacy, consider installing cafe style shutters.

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